Walking the talk: healthy & sustainable food systems through aligned, evidence-based communication & policy - Shared screen with speaker view
Iva Doric (EUFIC) Dialogue Team
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Prof. Sumantra (Shumone) Ray
Greetings everyone from the NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health in Cambridge www.nnedpro.org.uk - it is a real pleasure to be here and thank you to FAO and EUFIC for the invitation and I hope to connect with many of you to assist in delivery of actions in the future - Prof S Ray sr506@cam.ac.uk
Iva Doric (EUFIC) Dialogue Team
Dear participants, EUFIC's official website is https://www.eufic.org/
Paulo De Lima [FAO]
Dear all, here is a link to the UN Food Systems Summit website, with all relevant info (vision, action tracks, how to engage, etc): https://www.un.org/en/food-systems-summit
Martin Frick
Please also consider registering on our brand new community website https://foodsystems.community/ where we carry on conversations online and can also build new spaces for your community
Martin Frick
for the summitdialogues check summitdialogues.org
Martin Frick
and, we are on twitter @foodsystems @agnes_kalibata @cmfrick
Iva Doric (EUFIC) Dialogue Team
Dear participants, FAO LOB's official website is http://www.fao.org/brussels/our-office/our-office/
Iva Doric (EUFIC) Dialogue Team
The outcomes of each Dialogue are publicly accessible on the Dialogues Gateway (www.summitdialogues.org), which will also be the case for this Dialogue
David Nabarro
Dear al I have to leave to go to a COVID meeting now - I hope all goes well with you - warm wishes
David Nabarro
Milka Sokolovic, EUFIC
Many thank, David, it was a pleasure having you with us today!
Arne O’Donoghue - FSSDs
If you would like to organise your own Food Systems Summit Dialogue, weekly orientation sessions take place every Wednesday. More information and registration here: https://summitdialogues.org/overview/food-systems-orientation-training/
Milka Sokolovic, EUFIC
Much appreciated, Martin, truly an honour
Edward Sliwinski (EFFoST)
Dear Anne, Thank you for letting us know. I will consider a weekly session. KR Edward
Paulo De Lima [FAO]
Dear ALL, as we are going soon to the breakout groups, we'd like to ask you kindly to rename ourselves adding your name, last name and the name of your organization. Thank you!
Martine van Weelden, Capitals Coalition
Dear all, as there is quite some talk about community building and partnerships across the value chain, I'd like to notify you that the Capitals Coalition has set up a virtual group to bring all stakeholders together who work on Food System Transformation. I invite you to join and use this group to share your experiences and knowledge, so we can communally support the food system transformation. Registration can be done here: https://community.capitalscoalition.org/topics/24088/feed
Isabel Estrada Carvalhais (MEP - European Parliament)
This was indeed a privilege and thank you all for this discussion. Thank you FAO and EUFIC! Great moderation Milka! I am looking forward to knowing the creative ideas and proposals that I’m sure will arise today from the groups’ discussions. See you soon!