Re: GSMA @FAO webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Milica Petruljeskov
Welcome everyone to today’s webinar organised by the FAO Technical Network on Sustainable Food Value Chains Development and Finance (SFVC D&F). If you are not yet a member, you can join the network by writing to sfvc@fao.org
Milica Petruljeskov
Please type in your questions here in the chat even during the presentation.
Lilandos Didas
Dear is the presentation will be shared? as I've joined the session late, due to time zone constrain
Roman Skorzus
Dear Mila, How could we access the slide deck?
Roman Skorzus
Sorry Milica!
Milica Petruljeskov
The slide deck is only accessible to presenters
Roman Skorzus
Ok, so you won't share it with the audience?
Magnus Grylle
In your thinking, kindly consider also crops which grows several *years* before being harvested. I am talking trees, of course! Also here a value chain backed by digital data would be very useful. A wood consumer could, for instance, potentially know how much wood there is "out there".
Milica Petruljeskov
You can write to sfvc@fao and we can share the presentation and recording afterwards.
Roman Skorzus
Ok thank you!
Panos Loukos
You can find additional information relevant to today's topic in the GSMA Toolkit for the digitisation of agricultural value chains: https://www.gsma.com/mobilefordevelopment/agritech/the-gsma-agritech-toolkit-for-the-digitisation-of-agricultural-value-chains-3/
Panos Loukos
Please carry on sharing your questions in the public chat or privately, Sonia and I will be happy to answer them!
Lilandos Didas
Can you please help, this topic is highly important, is that just a webmit aimed or its has a program?
Panos Loukos
I will reply in the Q&A. Thank you!
Panos Loukos
Please carry on sharing your questions!
Pedromarcelo Arias
Do you see digital solutions evolving around "one-stop shops" to be supported, or by supporting a constellation of start-ups?
Benoist Veillerette
Do you have good practices to share in some specific FCV (Fragile, conflict affected and vulnerable) countries where access to finance, markets and all kind of services is even more challenging than in other countries? Thank you.
Henry Burgsteden
Considering the fact that GSMA Mobile for Development decided a few years ago to not invest anymore in Digital Services for Small Scale Farmers, are there any plans from GSMA (within the framework of the UN SG’s Digital Cooperation to invest in Digital Public Goods as foundational services for smalls scale producers? See https://digitalpublicgoods.net
Jim Hancock
This is very interesting seminar, thank you! Some possible questions:Are there risks that some farmers end up with negative scoring ratings that make them more marginalised and excluded (they may be the more vulnerable) - and/or is there opportunity for them to improving their scores?What mechanisms for sharing data between finance providers - to support not duplications/overloading loans (there are some negative experience with MFIs)?Would be interested to know how consent on data sharing is agreed with often relatively low literacy farmers. Is there some standard on this, which is clear and inclusive?
Giang Duong
Thank you Panos and Sonia for the presentation! With these digital innovations, a lot of data from farmers are collected and analyzed/used by agribusinesses and banks. However, it's not always the case that poor small-scale farmers receive tangible benefits from letting their data be collected (unless, for example, they manage to get loans or access to markets), and oftentimes, farmers are not (fully) informed about what their data is used for. Would you know of any good practices to tackle this problem?
Alphonse Kossonou
How access to market is taken into account to help succeed in repayment of the loan?
Alejandra Safa
Thanks, very interesting!
Milica Petruljeskov
Milica Petruljeskov
Thank you!
Gauthier Malnoury
Thank you very much all of you, very interesting topic.