Sustainable Food Systems in Canada: the Role of Fruits and Vegetables - Shared screen with speaker view
Alexandria Richter, FAO
Thank you for joining the webinar, “Sustainable Food Systems in Canada: the role of Fruits and Vegetables,” hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Liaison Office in North America in honour of the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables (IYFV).This webinar is also being livestreamed on the @FAONorthAmerica twitter page. Join the conversation on Twitter using #IYFV2021.Feel free to use the chat box to share your comments. Please use the Q&A Box for questions stating your affiliation and to whom your question is directed to.Speaker bios: https://bit.ly/1029SpeakerBios
Vasantha Rupasinghe 218
Dr Jean-Charles Le Vallee
Greetings from IICA Canada
Steven Ellis
Mr. Ellis from Dresden, ON.
Nina Dodd
Nina Dodd-USAID/BHA. Washington DC
Alexandria Richter, FAO
Speaking now is Jocelyn Brown Hall who is the Director of FAO North America. She previously served as the Deputy Regional Representative for the FAO Regional Office for Africa in Ghana. Jocelyn has held various positions in food security, agricultural development, and trade capacity building. In 1998, she joined the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in the Foreign Agricultural Service, where she coordinated USDA’s international development and training programs, valued at over US$65 million, with 165 staff members. See full speaker bios here: https://bit.ly/1029SpeakerBios
Carla VanGilder
Carla VanGilder - ASABE
Louise Erskine
Louise Erskine, Cornell University
Margaret Zafiriou
Margaret Zafiriou, CAPI Ottawa
Emma Stephens
Hi - greetings from AAFC Science and Technology Branch, Lethbridge Alberta Canada
Brad Fraleigh
Hello from Brad Fraleigh, AAFC Science and Technology Branch.
Tania Humphrey
Tania Humphrey VP R&D, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre
Chantale Audate
Chantale Audate, USAID/Haiti
Nazar Al-Anbaky
Hi everybody....Greetings from Iraq
Nathaniel Newlands
Hello from Nathaniel Newlands, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (Summerland, British Columbia)
Susan Watkins
Hi All - Susan Watkins Canadian Feed The Children -Business Development and Food Systems Manager
Evan Burt
Evan Burt, Consul & Trade Commissioner at Consulate General of Canada in Minneapolis 🍁
Eliza Salman
Hi everyone! I'm Eliza Salman, A master student of Sustainable resource management at the Technical University of Munich
Steven Ellis
Sorry to hear about the weather and connectivity troubles.
Nagwa Konda
Nagwa from Nairobi' Hi all
Anne Fowlie
Anne Fowlie, Fruit & Vegetable Dispute Resolution Corporation, Ottawa
Treasa Pauley
Treasa Pauley from NS Canada, Agrifood consultant
Vasantha Rupasinghe 218
I am Vasantha Rupasinghe of Dalhousie University of Canada. My lab is specialized in Fruit Bioactives such as Flavonoids and interested in developing healthy value-added products to reduce the risk of NCD.
Jennifer Ong Tone
Hi all! Jennifer Ong Tone from the Canadian Produce Marketing Association, Ottawa
Murthy Gaya
Gaya Murthy, Registered Dietitian - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Jodi Johnson
Hello from Peak of the Market, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Alexandria Richter, FAO
Resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly: https://undocs.org/A/RES/74/244
Rebecca Lee
Rebecca Lee, Canadian Horticultural Council - greetings to everyone!
Bipasha Chakravarty
Bipasha Chakravarty from AAFC, Guelph, Canada
Travis Sander
Travis Sander, AAFC - PGRC Saskatoon, SK., Canada
Rhiannon Wallace
Hello, Rhiannon Wallace Research Scientist from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Agassiz, British Columbia
Alexandria Richter, FAO
Learn more about the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables: https://www.fao.org/fruits-vegetables-2021/en/
Nidhi Sharma
Nidhi Sharma, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)
Krista Kapitan
Hi everyone, Krista Kapitan here from Wilton Consulting Group (ON, Canada) on behalf of the Canadian Agri-food Sustainability Initiative.
Thomas Forge
Hello, Tom Forge, researcher from AAFC, Summerland Research & Development Centre in BC.
Larry McIntosh
Larry & Shelley McIntosh from Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Koste Yadeta
Hello, Koste Yadeta from Corteva Agriscience, Johnston, Iowa, USA
Masoumeh Bejaei
Hello, Masoumeh Bejaei from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), Summerland Research and Development Centre
Anju Gill
Hello everyone. Anju Gill - British Columbia Blueberry Council
Jiali Shang
Jiali Shang from AAFC, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Ron Lemaire
Ron Lemaire, Canadian Produce Marketing Association. look forward to the session.
Saffa Koroma
Hello everyone. My name is Saffa Koroma from the University of Liberia, West Africa. I believe we will have a rewarding webinar today.
Jane Proctor
Hello to all - I'm Jane Proctor from the Canadian Produce Marketing Association headquartered in Ottawa.
Axel Diederichsen
Axel Diederichsen, Plant Gene Resources of Canada.
Karen Fong
Hi everyone! Karen Fong from AAFC - Summerland, BC :)
Charitha Jayasinghege
Charitha Jayasinghege, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Agassiz, BC
Steven Ellis
Beth Connery
Hello from Manitoba
Steven Ellis
Share your thoughts: Proposed changes to the Canadian Grade Compendium: Volume 2 – Fresh Fruit or VegetablesCurrent status: OpenPhase 1 open from October 29, 2021 to December 31, 2021
Claudia Ciotir
Hello everyone, Claudia Ciotir from CCGB/AAFC Harrow, Ontario
Alexandria Richter, FAO
Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CZ9mF8EaLI
Kelly Ross
Hello Everyone, Kelly Ross from AAFC, Summerland, BC
Roland Beshiri
Hello! Roland Beshiri - AAFC - Ottawa with interests in Food Loss and Waste
Alexandria Richter, FAO
Speaking now is Donald Boucher who joined Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) and the federal public service in 2008 and has since worked in various areas such as international trade, strategic policy, corporate affairs and sectoral development. As Director General, Sector Development and Analysis Directorate, Donald provides leadership with regards to supporting growth and competitiveness of the Canadian agriculture sector. Donald holds a bachelor's degree in agronomy as well as a master's degree (sciences) both from Laval University. See full speaker bios here: https://bit.ly/1029SpeakerBios
David Gustafson
Dave Gustafson (Agriculture & Food Systems Institute)
Good Night everyone from Italy, Annie Castillo
Carlos Berben
Hello to all from the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development based in Bogota, Colombia
Phil Myers
Hello, Phil Myers, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Policy and Programs Branch. Nova Scotia/Traditional and Unceded territory of the Mi'kmaq indigenous peoples.
Elise Bigley
Hello everyone from the Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute in Ottawa, Canada!
Chau Thi Da
Good morning and warmest regards from Vietnam. My name is Chau Thi Da PhD, a senior researcher of aquaculture - agriculture, Ton Duc Thang University, HCMCT, Vietnam.
Alexandria Richter, FAO
Speaking now is Dr. Rachid El Hafid who is the Director of Research, Development and Technology Transfer at AAFC where he provides leadership through functional and strategic direction to a team of over 40 research scientists and over 200 staff. Providing direction and creating the right enabling work environment for the team to excel and ensuring that the right person is in the right place to do the right work is his role. His team performs top-notch upstream and downstream research to advance science, our ministry/government mandate, and help our agriculture and agri-food industry remains competitive and resilient. See full speaker bios here: https://bit.ly/1029SpeakerBios
Abdelrahman Ali
Hello Everyone, This Ali, Food losses and waste reduction (horticultural crops), Egypt https://www.linkedin.com/in/abdelrahman-ali-bb908066/
Akram Chowdhury
Congratulation from Akram Chowdhury of the Build Back Better Foundation(B3F) for organizing such an innovative Webinar which is worth learning. Please keep in touch. Joy Bangla, Joy FAO.
Rajagopal Velamoor
V Rajagopal, President Society for Hunger Elimination , India: Among food wastes horticulture crops as vegetables and fruits account most causing deprivation to poor hungry people. Need to save and serve to hungry people is top priority. Post harvest technologies to preserve with cold storage and value addition and nutritional values must get attention
Alexandria Richter, FAO
Speaking now is Guy Milette who is the Chair of the Board of the Canadian Produce Marketing Association. He also serves as the Vice President of Courchesne Larose Ltd, which is a major player on the Canadian fresh fruit and vegetable market for more than 100 years. See full speaker bios here: https://bit.ly/1029SpeakerBios
Jane Proctor
For more on the Half Your Plate program - visit: https://www.halfyourplate.ca/
Alexandria Richter, FAO
Speaking now is Jan VanderHout who is the President of the Canadian Horticultural Council. Prior to this role he served as Director of Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers and serves as the President of Beverly Greenhouses limited. With over 20 acres of greenhouses, Beverly Greenhouses is one of Ontario’s larger greenhouse cucumber operations. His family has been growing vegetables in greenhouses for 54 years and exclusively cucumbers since 1978. See full speaker bios here: https://bit.ly/1029SpeakerBios
Abdelrahman Ali
You can take a look for these recently published papers related to the causes of food losses for the Horticultural crops and scioec0n0mic and environmental impacts of food losses https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs11027-021-09959-0 Analysis of determinants to mitigate food losses and waste in the developing countries: empirical evidence from Egypt https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0959652621033333?via%3Dihub Economic and environmental consequences' of postharvest loss across food supply Chain in the developing countries
Rebecca Lee
For more on how Canada's industry has been celebrating IYFV: https://hortcouncil.ca/iyfv/
Rebecca Lee
and in French: https://hortcouncil.ca/fr/iyfv
Alexandria Richter, FAO
Speaking now is Paul J. Thomassin who is a Professor of Agricultural Economics at McGill University. His research areas include agricultural and environmental economics, macroeconomic analysis of food and agriculture policies, food safety, natural capital accounting, technological change, and the economics of climate change. He was the scientific director of Greenhouse Gas Management Canada, a SSHRC-BIOCAP National Research Network that investigated the social science dimensions of greenhouse gas management. He has experience in the dairy and horticulture sectors. See full speaker bios here: https://bit.ly/1029SpeakerBios
Dr Jean-Charles Le Vallee
Do Canadian companies have formal sustainability programs? What is their environmental footprint? What role does sustainability play in the sector's strategic plan? What are the top 3 environmental challenges? How is the sector part of the solution? Do you have targets? Progress in meeting goals? Any leading businesses, research to showcase, inspire others? What business value has sustainability provided business? ROI? Consumer trends?
Roland Beshiri
1. How much is food loss and waste a concern for the fruit/veg/hort industry? 2. What examples are there of FLW reduction in these industires?
Richard Melvin
Around 20 percent of Canadians are not able to access to healthy foods(fruit and veg) due to cost.How can we make fruit and veg more accessible to lower income Canadians.
Margaret Zafiriou
If there is real concern that people need to eat more fruits and vegetables for their health, and sustainability is so important, how can we ensure that do you think ,
Margaret Zafiriou
How can we ensure that sustainable fruit and vegetable production remains affordable and accessible to Canadians? Should producers be compensated for the environmental benefits they are providing so fruit and vegetables are affordable?? Government subsidies? or paying producers for these environmental benefits they provide?
HASSANE Bassirou
good afternoon
Dr Jean-Charles Le Vallee
Margaret, I like the idea of paying farmers for their ecosystem services
Dr Jean-Charles Le Vallee
Or maybe tie their BRM support to beneficial management practices to incentivize them, greening agriculture
Dr Jean-Charles Le Vallee
but it is viewed as a cost. green investments are made often if environmental risk becomes part of the business risk
John Boko
Good morning to all, I do really appreciate this small conference. My name is John Yawovi Boko, living in Edmonton, AB .Coordinator of Wenna Educational Association and dealing with urban agriculture in Togo (West Africa).
Roland Beshiri
Access: Is it cheap food or better incomes, fair rents, affordable day care?
Emma Stephens
food deserts are an issue as well in terms of uneven distribution of fresh fruit/veg to access points
Rebecca Lee
While recognising the need for sustainability, it's very important to balance the burden put on our farmers to implement it: social and environmental expectations need to be considered in light of economic sustainability , keeping in mind very thin margins as it is, maybe spreading the cost throughout the supply chain, and still ensuring Fruits and veg are also accessible to consumers.
Emma Stephens
most particularly to the far north in terms of supply chains to communities there
Jennifer Ong Tone
It's important to consider food skills and education when talking about the affordability of fresh fruits. At Half Your Plate, we provide budget-friendly tips, storage tips, and more to help Canadians save money on fruits and veggies: https://www.halfyourplate.ca/fruits-and-veggies/what-can-10-get-you/
John Boko
did the use of glyphosate in vegetables growth harmful to our health?
Vasantha Rupasinghe 218
Dalhousie Survey found that 40% Canadian can't afford for the high price of Fruits and Vegetables. Is there any government initiative to reduce the cost of F&V?
Vasantha Rupasinghe 218
Vasantha Rupasinghe 218
Also, according to our survey, public is not aware of non-nutrient food bioactives of F&V. Is WHO or AAFC working on transferring the knowledge of health benefits of F&V to public? Vasantha Rupasinghe vrupasinghe@dal.ca
Alexandria Richter, FAO
Thank you for attending this webinar! Learn more about the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables: https://www.fao.org/fruits-vegetables-2021/en/Follow @FAONorthAmerica on Twitter for more.Visit our website for upcoming activities: http://www.fao.org/north-america/en/
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Thanks a lot
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Thanks for all from Egypt
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Thank you so much!
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Thank you!
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