Territorial Food Systems and Healthy Diets: Pathways for Global Transformations - Shared screen with speaker view
Michelle Seck (FAO)
Welcome everybody to our special event today, the first Dialogue with the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the EU “Territorial food systems and healthy diets: pathways for global transformations”The event will begin in 8 minutes at 1600 :)
Michelle Seck (FAO)
Welcome everybody!We are happy for you to join us today. Below is the same information on the housekeeping slide for you to kindly take note of:  1.  There is ONE-WAY translation from English to Portuguese, to switch languages, find the "Interpretation" button with the globe icon at the bottom of the screen.2. When tweeting about this event, don’t forget to use the hashtag #EU2021PT #FoodSystems3. Throughout the event, colleagues will be in the chat monitoring the Q&A box to answer any questions you may have.4.  For having an interactive session, please note to send the message to “To all panellists and participants” and not just the panellists.  
Paulo DeLima (FAO)
Obrigado a todos e todas pela presença e participação! É possível também postar comentários em português neste espaço!
Emma Siliprandi
Boa tarde, Paulo! Parabéns pelo evento de alto nível.
Paulo DeLima (FAO)
Obrigado, Emma!
Aftab Alam Khan
Greetings. A pleasure to join you all. Aftab Alam Khan International Expert on Climate Change and Agroecology.
Magdalena Kropiwnicka
Greetings from Magdalena Anna Kropiwnicka, founder of Food and Climate, independent consultancy working on sustainability and climate crisis resilience of food systems.
adriano campolina
Greetings from FAO/Rome. Very happy to attend this important event.
Ihsanul Haq
Greetings from FAO Saudia
Paulo DeLima (FAO)
Obrigado, Manuel Lapão, pela presença e parceria
Magdalena Kropiwnicka
Greetings from Food and Climate in Jamaica.
Armando Fornazier
Congratulations to the organizers for sharing this very important topic.Armando Fornazier - Professsor - University of Brasilia, Brazil
Rodrigo de Lapuerta (FAO)
Rodrigo de Lapuerta (FAO)
Information on the EU Parliamentary Alliance against Hunger and Malnutrition
Artur Gregório
Congratulations on the FAO initiative!It is essential to strengthen the articulation of the FAO and the EU with the agencies operating on the ground, implementing territorial food systems, food education programmes and the fight against food insecurity. Association IN LOCO - Portugal
Michelle Seck (FAO)
Please do send any questions you may have to the Q&A box, our experts are looking forward to answering your questions and interacting with you. :)
Paulo DeLima (FAO)
Mr Nouala - question from Maria José Tropa (from Value Chain Project - MOSAP II - CESO / IMVF)thank you very much for your intervention. I would like to know your opinion of the needs / improvements in terms of actions to be implemented in Farmer Field Schools in Africa, being able to improve their intervention in the multiple locations where they are installed and taking advantage of the synergies with international programs that are taking place in those same areas.
Paulo DeLima (FAO)
This question is being translated in English.
Nélia Neves
My question goes to the European Commission and the African Union. What will beneeded to give priority to territorial approaches in most projects linked to food systems inAfrica and other regions? How can FAO and the European Union achieve this priority?
Nélia Neves
Celso's Question
Rodrigo de Lapuerta (FAO)
For Celso Garrido and other panelists interested in current challenges of SIDS, you can follow the FAO Brussels Dialogue in December 2020, with 6 Heads of Stated from ACP SIDS countries https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nD3kYbw9VE8
Magdalena Kropiwnicka
Celso's question is of big relevance also to the Caribbean. Small Island Developing States have very specific needs and climate crisis response challenges.
Francesco Rampa (G20 Presidency, ECDPM)
to Celso’s question, and how to increase role of food systems thinking in EU-Africa cooperation see the Report of TaskForce Rural Africa (i was member of): https://ec.europa.eu/info/sites/info/files/food-farming-fisheries/farming/documents/report-tfra_mar2019_en.pdf + About how to use a Food System Approach (our Ecdpm guide to make it simpler and useful for practitioners): https://ecdpm.org/publications/food-systems-approach-in-practice-guide-sustainable-transformation/
Paulo DeLima (FAO)
CELSO, aqui a resposta do Francesco Rampa à sua pergunta: e como aumentar o papel do pensamento dos sistemas alimentares na cooperação UE-África, consulte o Relatório da TaskForce Rural Africa (fui membro de): https://ec.europa.eu/info/sites/info/files/food-farming-fisheries/farming/documents/report-tfra_mar2019_en.pdf e sobre como usar uma abordagem de sistema alimentar (nosso guia Ecdpm para tornar a questão mais simples e acessivel):https://ecdpm.org/publications/food-systems-approach-in-practice-guide-sustainable-transformation/
Ihsanul Haq
Wow, it was a powerful and highly informative session. Appreciations from FAO Saudia
Stefano Battain
thank you very much, very interesting debate!
Paulo DeLima (FAO)
Thank you very much for your presence and participation!
Rosa Guilherme Mendes
Congratulations on the initiative and the opportunity to participate! Thank you!
Paulo DeLima (FAO)
Obrigado pela participação e presença de todos e todas!
adriano campolina
Great debate, many thanks to all
Emma Siliprandi
Thanks to the organizers.
thank you