Green Consortium
Am happy that JICA program is again back ,as we were in the team to Indonesia and to Japan by JICA in 2000 in a Rural Development initiative,hence Rural Development program is in existence in the RSA.Hope that SHEP will change lives of the citizenry of the RSA.
Mhlobo Mbane
This is really great and I really like it. Thank you DRDAR
Green Consortium
As Green Consortium,we are happy when there will be a chance to change lives of people of the RSA for better life to all.
Sino Kekezwa
Wow. Inspirational. Learning a lot, great insight for our youth cooperative who is venturing into horticulture. 🙏Thank u
Busisiwe Mgangxela
Good morning, Women in Agriculture and Rural Development. Provincial WARD is represented
Lulama Banzana
So inspiring, thank you so much DRDAR for this opportunity
Noluvuyo Nqeno
Sipheshle fro SIDECA (Video1) is unable to join due to network connectivity
Lulama Banzana
Can we have the contact details of the SHEP officials in the Province
Busisiwe Mgangxela
Can we please get the recording because we joined late as we received the invitation very late,missing the first part of the seminar. Provincial Chairperson WARD.
Green Consortium
Indeed in EC, we have got a 🌲 Tree of Gold ie.Cannabis and Hemp which will make a brake through to economic melt down of this entire EC Province.
Green Consortium
Which is a Game Changer for a better life to all ie.Cannabis and Hemp.
Green Consortium
Break through
Mfundo Macanda
Title, Initial & Surname Designation District Cell E-mailMr. S Madinana Horticulture Scientist O.R Tambo 081 035 0294 smadinana@webmail.co.zaMr. N Luzipho Crop Scientist Alfred Nzo 083 457 5668 luzipho@gmail.comMr. SS Ntozini Chris Hani 083 567Mr. S Lingishi Western district 079 5000 909 Mr. A Dumani Horticultural scientist Amathole 079 624 3301 aziledumani@gmail.comMr. M. Mdladlamba Crop Scientist Joe Gqabi 0764102702 mzomninzi.mdladlamba@drdar.gov.zaMr V. Menze Provincial Shep Coordinator HO 083 4094837 Vuyo.Menze@drdar.gov.za
Setup Workshop
How do we Farmers at Enoch Mgijima get access to SHEP
Lulama Banzana
Thank you for the list and contact details, much appreciated
Antu. Babalwa Funda kaMaboza
I wonder if am I the only one with a problem, the Minister is not audible
Mfundo Macanda
All Districts, have SHEP Champions as indicated in the List Above. CH Mr Ntozini is the official in District Office in Queenstown
Tembisa Sibiya
SHEP's Red meat support, do we have any success stories for this great support in the province? How does one access this support, that is, contact person in Amathole
Roberta Burgess
Please can I have an email address for the green consortium as there are interested parties in the NC interested in HEMP production
I am so happy with all the progress of the two business woman that were supported by SHEP, it shows a great deal of progress for our people
Mhlobo Mbane
I dont have a hand DG
Lulama Banzana
We are currently in possession of vouchers we received from the DRDAR, can you kindly direct us as to where to redeem these vouchers because we find middle sellers who are there to exploit us by selling their products in high prices.
Mooketsa Ramasodi
Thank you very much for your participation and patience. We are favoured to have you on this platform. Kindly note that due to time pressures we will no longer be taking additional hands. The last speaker will be Songile Bhese. Thanks for your understanding.
Green Consortium
Contacts for the Green ConsortiumLead by Ms Pumza VitshimaE: ubuhlebezwe32@gmail.comWhat's app: 063 183 3515 We can send you a link as our members are all over from EC RSA,SADC,Africa and International.We are working with BRICS WBA, South African Chapter
Busisiwe Mgangxela
GAP is so sensitive about fencing and water quality for production of food, cleaning and packing. All these revolve around infrastructure, which NGOs see as Government responsibilities more especially fencing and find no reason to support farmers who are challenged with Fencing. Will SHEP assist in this problem of fencing that other NGOs or Private companies don't want to fund.
Please unmute me from your sode
Good day, kindly assist who are departmental GAP officials in the BCMM area?We have started with private institution but not compliant yet
Mfundo Macanda
BCMM GAP official contact District Director Nyameka.bongco@drdar.gov.za
Thank you
Green Consortium
We can be glad that SHEP can assist in loosening legal framework for Cannabis Licence as there are so complicated requirements that are difficult for indigenous farmers to get a licence.And also the permits that when we are liazing with your office we are not getting a clear indication of are these permits going to be free or not.Can Cannabis Licences be easily assessed by poor struggling farmers of EC without complicated requirements needed by SAHPRA from Department of Health as we are the indigenous growers.
Mfundo Macanda
BCMM District Director 0828681364
Megan Maritz
Good Day, I have submitted questions as requested when we registered for this meeting. Please advise if these will be acknowledged and answered during the session or once the session has ended?
Nolundi Ngamile
can the host unmute us
B. Nokwe
am Unathi Mankayi frm Keiskammahoek undre the Zanyokwe Irrigation Schame ma question is that support frm agriculture we need help we have 45 hectrs n we youth agri co.op that is registered ,if its possible we would like to have live madia intarvew ,ma contact datails UNATHI MANKAYI 0717247255
Busisiwe Mgangxela
How far is our Government with realizing Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) seeing there is no policy for organic farming in S.A and Organic farmers in the Eastern Cape have a lot of challenges besides those suffered by all farmers in the Province, they don't have support and buy in for organic farming is not there, practically although the Previous MEC showed interest and had set ways to deal with organic farmers. Nothing happened from that engagement. The team from Dohne that was set to take care of organic farmers in the Province never followed with that mandate. The farmers are organized into an Association that is registered as a legal entity. ECAFA - Eastern Cape Agroecology Farmer's Association. Could all farmer associations be given same treatment in the Province
Patience Tamba
Mr Mvusi Sikhundla can you please write the question of Ms Madliwa we could not hear her very well
Lulama Banzana
We are a Co-op in Wittekleibosch, Tsitsikamma. We have a very rich soil that can produce a lot of products. The name of the Coop is Amamfengu Women Agricultural Coop (AWACO). The challenges we have are the following:
Our farmers in Willowvale want to ask that SHEP only assist Cooperatives only
Zandi Zitumane
Siyanda Mgubanto
Greating to Everyone
Vuyani Majola
We are an Urban Farming initiative in the middle of East London (Amalinda). We would like to convert all the illegal dumping sites around BCM into food hubs for all food insecure homes .Can MEC help us with this noble idea?
Galaxy A21s
Ngqanga Neentsiba mayo
Ntombozuko Mqikela
I am youth representative of Burgersdorp Wallter Sisulu
Lulama Banzana
Soil results - where do we take them for advice and support, also we request support with Water resources, equipment, machinery and tools.
Galaxy A21s
Siyabulela bgecebiso lokuthengusela izikolo sibelius ngooSomashishini abakhulu
Mfundo Macanda
Soil samples must submitted to DOHne ADI via extension official
Galaxy A21s
Ndingu Nofoto V Tsheme kwaWard 20 eXhorha
Ntandazo Polisi
Hello , I heard Green Consentrum mention something about the Cannibal Farming , I want to know the procedures one have to follow in sating the cannibal business .Thank you.
phumza kula
I am Phumza Kula from Queenstown Chris Hanoi District, I m doing backyard farming specializing with layers, I need assistance if laying feed. I applied for PEPsi but I didn’t get anything 😢
Galaxy A21s
Sifuna ukubgena kuliSHEP siyalima sineFruut and Veg ,umbona.
On behalf of Greater East London Farmers Association that has about 15 affiliates. I would like to request the officers responsible for SHEP to organize a workshop through our Mdantsane office so that the program can be introduced to the farmers at large. That will allow the farmers to ask questions and also understand the program well.
Sivuyile Daba
We are in Seymour, here we have government tractors that are control by few individuals who charges farmers arm and the leg for mechanisation. Can you intervene in this problem because these tractors are not of assistance to us.
im mr Sonjica from Dr Beyers, we request that be assisted with farm infrastructure so as to be productive
I am Phethoha an agric advisor from joe gqabi at mt fletcher. am having sotho farmers next to me whom they don't understand any other language than Sesotho, I therefore had to interpret this presentation to them now.
Galaxy A21s
Man bdineBore-Hole eyardini for infield but kunzima kwiIrrigation to Fruits and Ve.its electrical
Noncedo Solani
My name is Victor moyeni Qaqamba irrigation I am requesting the minister consider giving us land as which is not in the areas of communal arrangement because we shown our capacity and I applied for land for this purpose of vegetable production in the last November applications.
Siyanda Mgubanto
Im Ndzoboyi Yonela a farmer from Bizana I one of the farmers whom was selected last year to Germany as we come back and the pandemic issue we couldn't implement what we learn from our trip. can I asked that the premier and the MEC we have meeting to submit our report and plan on how we transfer what we learn there Thank you
Zandi Zitumane from Jonga la Poultry farm in Butterworth, a member of Eastern Cape Farmers poultry association. my 1st question is regarding SHEP, do they only assist with crop production or farming in general. number two. with regards to meeting market specifications, what is the department doing in assisting chicken farmers with meeting the standards as we do no have chicken abattoirs close to where we farm which makes our produce not to be suitable for the commercial market as we slaughter the traditional way.
Ntandazo Polisi
Hello I am Mama Citha from Jamestown ndisuka kwi company Niyanda Trading . Sicela ncediswa nge tunne;l inxgaki yethu Ice zinto sizilimayo azimelani nengqele. sicela uncedwa nge Hydroponic Tunnel. Ndilima Tomato , green pepper chillis and green beans Enkosi.
Mfundo Macanda
can i request that DRDAR Officials who are hosting famers ensure that all their concerns and questions are addressed as most of these concern are in their capacity
Thank you for the invitation and opportunity to listen to this first presentation of SHED . This is like music to our ears as I represent Zibhityolo Community Agricultural Project , along Great Kei River, Butterworth, Mnquma. WE already have an agreement with SPAR group Eastern Cape to buy every ounce of our produce should this project be a reality or revived, however the irrigation scheme collapsed late 80s/ early 90s. I have a comprehensive Project Proposal/ Business Plan sent to all offce MEC of EC, Minister National and even the Presidency, How can we be helped please. Cwenga Pakade, Cell 0794916580, Email pakadecwenga@gmail.com
Kumbulani Pindela, Ngobozi Butterworth
Noncedo Solani
In the area of Ngqushwa municipality in ward one we have a challenge of water and we request the minister to consider boreholing system for vegetables irrigation as we are suffering due to climate change.
Zama Zikhali
Makana Local Muncupality horticultural farmers, i.e. Sikhululekile CPA needs assistance with a tractor so that they cover most their fallow land and thus productivity. Masibambane CPA also require a tractor, electricity reconnection, fencing and water reticulation. Ikamvalethu CPA requests that close monitoring be done after funding in order for farmers not to go bankrupt after being funded. This means improved ways of monitoring funding and thus sustainability. Commonage farmers have a cry of land which compromises their benefits from the department since they do not operate privately in terms of livestock production.
Galaxy A21s
Umhlaba sinawo sesilima Sifuna ukungena kuloSHEP SESIYIYO KWALE 20 FROM KUVukuzondle(UNOQHA)
Ntandazo Polisi
Molweni ndingu Elvis Mawonga eAlvani cela buza rhulumente mncedisa njani umfuyi kwi hagu in terms of feed and amayeza
Kumbulani Pindela, Ngobozi Butterworth. silima I veg, 4 hacters sicela ukuncediswa ngecingo sinawo amanzi 0731475042.
Galaxy A21s
Siyathemba ukuba sawuncedwa kuba sesilungele nayiphi .Siyatshiseka. 0834996507 Enkosi
Ntombozuko Mqikela
here at Walter Sisulu Burgersdorp we are the youth would want help in getting land for farmers at our local commonages farm and help with beef heifers and bulls to try and improve the quality of animals we are having especial with breed like brahman in our region
Galaxy A21s
Nofoto Veronica Tsheme
Why are male farmers older than 35 not getting same support as youth, women, people with disabilities and military veterans?
Roberta Burgess
Thank you for allowing me as a member of the Northern Cape agricultural family to attend the webinar and learn from you. Much appreciated.
thembani nyokana
Good afternoon Everyone. My name is Stanford Motau from Ndlambe in Alexandria. I need help to maximise my farming capacity. I'm farming on a small land provided by th municipality. I wan help with a farm. Thank you
Miranda MTWECU
My name is Miranda Mtwecu from Queenstown. I started piggery and I would be happy if I can get contact for official in Enoch Mgijima who can advise me and help me to now better about piggery.
Busisiwe Mgangxela
There are other ways of fencing that are not expensive, that could cater for rural and backyard farmers known as " live fence" which could use indigenous trees as hedge like Kei apple which is indigenous in the E.C and bamboo that is readily available in the E.C and using it as fence for smaller land, could help reduce its invasive tendencies. The live fence for smaller land could take the burden off and therefore make, the other method of fencing for large fields like farms. Most farms from land reform have a problem of game roaming around and GAME fencing would be the solution for farms in the E.C.
Roberta Burgess
It is Roberta Burgess: Director Research and Technology Development, Northern Cape..
Noncedo Solani
I am the farmer in the corridor of Keiskamma river where we all farming with vegetables and we request the minister to build us a big coldroom building where we will pack the vegetables for the retail shops to have an acces on our products. My name is Victor Moyeni in ward 1 of Ngqushwa municipality.
Xulubana Khuthala
Good afternoon. Khuthala Xulubana, Agricultural Advisor at Qamata Irrigation Scheme on Chris Hani District. Issues raised by farmers here: Dilapidated irrigation infrastructure, shortage of storage sheds for produce, in field roads, unclear funding structure in terms of LIP, shortage of personnel as the scheme is 2900ha in size. Thank you
Gavin Tainton
I am Gavin Tainton, extension officer in Beyers Naude Local Municipality. My farmers in the Willowmore, Steytlerville and Rietbron areas which have a lot of small scale pig and poultry farmers get excess to market.
Zolisa Dandala
My name is Zolisa Dandala from Mount Ayliff, I would like assistance in agroprocessing training and Gap compliance
Green Consortium
Let us all make it a point that Cannabis and Hemp will benefit Black Industrialists of the RSA.Can Minister rescue the farmers and indigenous growers in protecting with the exploitation by few monies big pockets so that indigenous people can be the ones to benefit and clear criminal records of convicted ones.
Ntombozuko Mqikela
I am mvusi Adams from Walter Sisulu co - operative in buegersdorp we need assistant with vegetable tunnels so that we can produce high quality vegetable throughout the year. we also need assistant with solar borehole plant and more specifically we need a tractor and implements
Xulubana Khuthala
PESI suppliers presenting a priblem as the farmers are being sent from pillar to post. Cannabis licence and registration process too expensive for ordinary farmers. Thank you
Gavin Tainton
I am Gavin Tainton how can SHEP help us with market for small Scale farmers producing pigs and poultry and vegetables which are produced in a small scale. Water is also a problem in the Dr Beyers Naude Local Municipality.
Mfundo Macanda
Farmers who require assistance must contact district directors Joe Gqabi Ms Nduna 0760944799, Alfred Nzo 0796952010, Sara Baartman Mr Nyokana 0832653115, Chris hani DR Ntondini
Green Consortium
Mr Ramasodi,Green Consortium is looking to communicate with your respective office and update as how far we have gone out of trials and tribulation s in this plant that is the 🌲 Tree of Gold.My email is ubuhlebezwe32@gmail.com
Lulama Banzana
Thank you so much Bye
Patience Tamba
Thank you
Pearl Guzana
thank you
thank you very much
Mooketsa Ramasodi
Green Consortium - RamasodiM@dalrrd.gov.za