Global and North American Perspectives on Food Loss and Waste - Shared screen with speaker view
Jocelyn Brownhall
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Jocelyn Brownhall
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Alexandria Richter, FAO North America
Thank you for joining the webinar, “Global and North American Perspectives on Food Loss and Waste,” hosted by FAO North America.This webinar is also being live-streamed on the @FAONorthAmerica twitter page. Join the conversation on Twitter using #FoodLoss and #FoodWaste.Feel free to use the chat box to share your comments. Please use the Q&A Box for questions stating your affiliation and to whom your question is directed to.Speaker bios: https://bit.ly/SpeakerBios114
Alexandria Richter, FAO North America
Speaking now is Rachael Jackson who is a journalist and food waste reduction advocate based in Washington, DC. In 2016, she founded EatOrToss.com, a website that uses images and fun, accessible science to help home cooks assess food at risk of being thrown away. Rachael is on the board of the DC Food Recovery Working Group and has written about food waste for publications including The Washington Post and NationalGeographic.com.
Steven Ellis
Reducing food waste is one of the most impactful areas we can make meaningful impacts if we can change the cultural opinions of food waste. You are well on the way to changing the culture.
Obaidul Islam
Hello everyone,
Hassane Bassirou
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Antonia Andugar
Good morning from the Commission for Environmental Cooperation in Montreal! I am in charge of the CEC's FLW projects so very excited to participate today!
Alexandria Richter, FAO North America
Speaking now is Jocelyn Brown Hall who is the Director of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Liaison Office for North America based in Washington, DC. Prior to this role she served as the Deputy Regional Representative for the FAO Regional Office for Africa, where she oversaw 47 FAO country offices and guided strategy and communications around food security, agriculture, climate change, agri-food trade, animal and plant health, among other topics. Before joining FAO, Jocelyn was Deputy Administrator in the Foreign Agricultural Service, and also served as the lead expert on USDA’s technical relationship with international organizations.
Glynis Frey
Good morning from the Government of Alberta Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Canada
Michelle Clark
Michelle Clark - Southern Plains Tribal Health Board in Oklahoma City. Happy to be here with all of you!
Steven Ellis
Good morning from Dresden, ON
Yoni Coodin
Yoni Coodin - Food Matters Manitoba!
Matt Kandel
Hi, Matt Kandel from U.S. State Department, Washington D.C.
Richard Mambeva
Good morning. my name is Richard Mambeva and I work as a Researcher in agricultural related issues in Zimbabwe
Kanchi Desai
Good morning to all! My name is Kanchi. I'm a masters student in the Organizational Dynamics program at UPenn - concentrating in sustainable development with a deep interest in food loss and waste. Joining in from the Philadelphia area!
Roland Beshiri
Good morning all! Roland Beshiri from Agriculture Agri-Food Canada, Ottawa
Juan Ramos
Good morning all! Juan Ramos, EcoAgriculture Partners
Hilary French
Hi everyone! I'm Hilary French from UNEP's North America Office, based in Washington. Very happy to be participating today in this interesting event.
Habiba Hassan-Wassef
Greetings from Cairo, Egypt and the African Nutrition Society
Doze Butler
Doze Y Butler, Merchandising, Textiles and Design Professor in the Department of Human Sciences, UAPB. This challenge must be addressed from multiple perspectives. I am interested in being part of the solution.
José Arturo Ruiz Gómez
Hello, here from Mexico. I have some articules about FLW in my country around all the food chain
Alexandria Richter, FAO North America
Speaking now is Rosa Rolle who is a Senior Enterprise Development Officer in the Food and Nutrition Division of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Rome. Her work addresses the enhancement of food system sustainability with a specific focus on reducing food loss and waste and promoting awareness of actions to stem the problem. She has authored/co-authored a number of developmentally focused technical resources on food processing and packaging and on post-harvest systems management.
Sarah Murphy
Hi all. I’m Sarah Murphy, Postdoctoral Associate at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.
Brittany Lacasse
Good morning everyone! I’m Brittany Lacasse, from University of Toronto MSc in Sustainability Management program with a background in agriculture.
Jeannette Nixon
Hello, Jeannette Nixon from Calgary, AB, Canada. I am a member of the Catholic Women's League and have written a Resolution to present to our provincial and federal government. How reducing FLW could feed the poor and hungry in Canada and the requirement for government legislation.
Jorge Fonseca
Good morning - Here, Jorge M. Fonseca, research leader with USDA-ARS food quality (focusing on fresh hort. products) in Beltsville, MD
Steven Finn
Hi everyone, Steven Finn here from Leanpath and the University of Pennsylvania in the US
Alexandria Richter, FAO North America
Feel free to use the chat box to share your comments. Please use the Q&A Box for questions stating your affiliation and to whom your question is directed to.Speaker bios: https://bit.ly/SpeakerBios114
Wanja Kinuthia
Indicate household food loss due to stored product pest brought in from other value chain stages.
Laxmi Prakash Semwal
Good evening from www.farmersasowners.org in Uttarakhand Himalayas India.
Alexandria Richter, FAO North America
More information on FAO's work on Food Loss and Waste, visit: https://www.fao.org/food-loss-and-food-waste/flw-data
Laxmi Prakash Semwal
Hello everyone from www.sjsindia.org India.
Alexandria Richter, FAO North America
Speaking now is Clementine O’Connor who is the focal point for food waste and sustainable diets at UNEP. She is co-author of the UNEP Food Waste Index Report, and began working on the topic in 2010 as author of the Preparatory Study on Food Waste in the EU-27. Clementine has been active in developing two Coalitions as part of the UN Food Systems Summit process. Before joining UNEP as Programme Officer, she worked with the World Resources Institute to launch Champions 12.3, a high level coalition to halve food waste by 2030. She studied politics at Georgetown and Edinburgh Universities.
Ron Tan
Alexandria Richter, FAO North America
Speaking now is Dr. Jean Buzby who has worked at the U.S. Department of Agriculture for over 25 years and is currently the USDA Food Loss and Waste Liaison in the Office of the Chief Economist. Prior to this position, she was on detail at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Resource Conservation and Sustainability Division. For most of her career, she has worked at USDA’s Economic Research Service (USDA/ERS), first as an Agricultural Economist and then as the Chief of the Diet, Safety, and Health Economics Branch.
Olaide Asiyanbi
Olaide Asiyanbi
I am a trainer at Agricultural management training institute. I have Msc in Agricultural Extensions and I have interest in food and health aspects of agriculture. I would like someone in this platform to mentor me
Obaidul Islam
This is Obaidul Islam from EcoAgriculture and Food Security Research International, Toronto. My experience on agriculture research and innovation in South and Southeast Asia is, a significant amount of food loss of fruits and vegetables take place due to lack of supply chain management system, value addition/processing and marketing strategies for fresh fruits and vegetables. As example, farmers can not sale huge amount of pineapple, jackfruit, radish, cabbage, lemon etc. Even small farmers in Ontario has same problem to sale their produce and eventually loss it.
Jean Buzby, USDA
For more information on the Federal Interagency initiativeto reduce food loss and waste, visit:https://www.usda.gov/foodlossandwastehttps://www.epa.gov/sustainable-management-food https://www.fda.gov/food/consumers/food-loss-and-waste
Ahmed Kablan
For USAID work on Food Loss and Waste please see the Factsheet here (https://www.feedthefuture.gov/resource/food-loss-and-waste-fact-sheet/)
Alexandria Richter, FAO North America
Speaking now is Elaine Blatt who is a Senior Policy Analyst at the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. Her primary focus is on sustainable consumption and production of materials, and she leads DEQ’s efforts to prevent food waste. In addition to leading market research designed to inform development of values-based messaging to encourage Oregonians to reduce wasted food, Elaine represents Oregon in a West Coast initiative to promote food waste reduction among grocers, and is developing outreach on food waste prevention to food service businesses.
Alexandria Richter, FAO North America
Speaking now is Krissi Baxter who is a Project Coordinator in Sustainable Waste Management at the Regional Municipality of York in Ontario, Canada. Krissi coordinates the development and delivery of reduction and reuse programs under the Region’s long term waste management strategy.
Jeannette Nixon
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Alexandria Richter, FAO North America
Feel free to use the chat box to share your comments. Please use the Q&A Box for questions stating your affiliation and to whom your question is directed to.Speaker bios: https://bit.ly/SpeakerBios114
Wanja Kinuthia
I am intrigued by the household bin recycling system. Can we hav
Wanja Kinuthia
Can we have the manufacturer, please?
Olawunmi Ilesanmi
Howdy All, Great and insightful conversation here. I am joining from the Norman Borlaug Institute at the Texas A&M University. I did a desk study on Food Wastage recently (Food loss & Waste) and a recurring theme is the need to focus on prevention and circular approaches as well as measuring indicators.. great talk!
Ahmed Kablan
@Shadreck Gwari : USAID just awarded 3 research projects, total budget $60 Mil & part of their mandates is to advance innovations and ways to reduce Food Loss and Waste in LMIC. Keep your eye on calls for application coming from these awards for subawards
Alexandria Richter, FAO North America
Speaking now is Monique Chan who is the founder of Bruized, a women-run start-up that combats food waste through education and yummy eats. After working in many kitchens as a line cook and then studying food waste during her last year of university, Monique saw an obvious connection. The problem outlined in her studies unfolded right before her eyes during her everyday shifts. This new perspective made her curious about how much edible food was being lost or wasted within our current food system, and what solutions were being offered.
Alexandria Richter, FAO North America
Speaking now is Pashon Murray who is the founder of Detroit Dirt, a revolutionary closed-loop composting company that provides compost and food waste solutions to the local business community. Detroit Dirt intends to drive forward a low-carbon economy by motivating communities and industries to have a zero-waste mindset. The company strives to help blight removal and beautify neighborhoods, build strong ties with neighbors, and to provide environmental awareness, education, and long-term employment opportunity creation.
Steven Ellis
Live from the D. What a great cause. Detroit is one of the most resilient and inspiring cities.
Alexandria Richter, FAO North America
Speaking now is Melissa Donnelly who is the Director of Environmental Sustainability for Campbell Soup Company. Melissa owns enterprise strategies for our climate, water, and waste goals; works with stakeholders to integrate sustainability into business practices; and develops enterprise programming that will deliver the results needed to achieve the Company’s goals.
Krissi Baxter (she/her) - York Region
For anyone interested in learning about the waste reduction, reuse and repair programs and initiatives at York Region here are some links:www.york.ca/sm4rtlivingwww.york.ca/wastewww.york.ca/compostwww.york.ca/goodfood
UNEP Clementine O'Connor
@Melissa first of all congratulations on measuring and reporting on food waste in your operations and beyond. Slide 5 seemed to suggest that food waste went up in 2020, could you comment on how Covid impacted food waste generation?
Melissa Donnelly, Campbell's
I apologize, I need to drop off for another meeting. Thank you for inviting me to join this discussion and thank you to everyone working to reduce food waste!
Olawunmi Ilesanmi
The concept of Uglyfoods is also what matters.. changing the narrative around ugly foods..
Ayesha Talreja
in rural communities, what are some good ways to start conversations about composting?
Wenser Estime
Many thanks for such a great conversation!
Doze Butler
It is important to have "different voices" helping to alleviate food loss and waste. As a professor on the fiber end of food and fiber, what can I do ?
Olawunmi Ilesanmi
Food security can be improved from the wastage lens
Krissi Baxter (she/her) - York Region
@Ayesha - I don't have experience with this specifically, however one of our community partners, York Region Food Network, has done work with communities to build composters and community gardens. www.yrfn.ca
segedu belew
thank you
Alexandria Richter, FAO North America
Tips to do good and save food: https://www.fao.org/3/i7059e/i7059e.pdf
Habiba Hassan-Wassef
Thank you for the very inspiring examples presented by the panelists in this webinar.
Olawunmi Ilesanmi
We also need to synthesize actions from a multisectoral approach as Pashon is rightly saying.. from the production level with the farmers and consumption at the household levels.. education is at the center and for poor countries, the infrastructure is a mechanism that worsens wastage
Alexandria Richter, FAO North America
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Thank you all!
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