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Ntombizodwa Mokgalagadi
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Earl Richards
Good day, can I get permission to record the webinar please...
Molaodi Tshelane
Thanks for the video informative
How long will it take for this programme to be rollout?
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Kagisho Matiwane
I'm kagisho matiwane and I'm a reserve force member. the military have an initiative called project koba tlala , the military wants us as reserve force members to work hand in hand with community members to come up with agriculture projects so that we can supply our fresh produce. we have the land, we have the water rights and we have a mentor by the name of Mr Gil(Agri-Living) and we got the market. so my Minister , can we send you our business plan for approval?
Earl Richards
Good day, my name is Earl Richards from Namakwa. Access to land especially in the Namakwa that consist of many communal land that lies now vacant with no agricultural activities. How do we bridge the gap in getting access to land especially where families still hold on to land but do not utilize it. I struggle to get access to land to start my poultry farming, establishing a biosecure breeding farm.
Good day everyone. There is no farmer's market where farmers can sell their large scale fresh produce to around the Kuruman area. Matshidiso Mooketsi
Molaodi Tshelane
I wish to ask just one question, in case of farmers who use communal land what can be done to allow us to work the land? I am asking this because the current committee does not allow use to do so.
Question from John TaoloMost of us are Poultry farmers. We are struggling to get access to the market.Example Broiler farmers in our district do not have a local abattoir therefore we cannot supply chain stores with meat.For eggs, our local shops are getting eggs outside our district. There is no will to support local.How will SHEP assist us in resolve these challenges?
Kgomotso Comfort Assegaai
Good day
Ntombizodwa Mokgalagadi
Aphiwe s hand is up in Pixley
Kgomotso Comfort Assegaai
This is Mr Assegaai from KC boerdery in JTG. How can our department support CPA farmers in terms of Livestock improvement program, improving water supply for our Livestock and funds to improve our camps as our fencing is in a poor condition
Good day. A question from Mr Phetlho: since this program focuses more on crop farmers, will there be similar programs for livestock farmers?
Ohentse Toto
JTG : Please help with the integration of the National infrastructure programme to support local farmers to develop road infrastructure to reduce vehicle maintenance damaged by gravel roads.
Keabetswe Dijwe
Question from JTG (Seokama Station): The Minister urges extension officers to assist but our local office is short staffed..How are you going to assist?
Rooibos farmers - Nieuwoudtville
NAMAKWA DISTRICT, NIEUWOUDTVILLE. THOMAS KOTZE: we own a farm of 4000 ha. We have livestock and rooibos production as enterprises. shep concept is a good idea. if it can be implemented correctly it can bring definitely bring a change. We need inputs to produce rooibos. and with money to purchase livestock. The question is what is a budget for the program?
Good fa
Keabetswe Dijwe
As JTG poultry farmers we need a local mobile abbartoir
Question from Mr. Diane Stuurman in Tsineng JTG How can one be assisted to increse his number of livestock
Neville Kgadiete
I want to support the view expressed by Dumisani concerning access to Extension Officers due to lack of travelling. Can the department please relook at the budget for travelling of Extension Officers. FBDM
Thanks khai-ma support the programme but we will be glad if the department explain the role out programme our area is rich in under ground water but we dont have the funding for boreholes acess the water resources thanks.Lacus
Keolopile Manganye
Good Day, we are in Goggapomp Kimberley and are struggling with water and the communal land needs infrastructure assistance from the department. We see that the program can be good for us as farmers but water is a challenge and we definitely want to be part of the program. Can the department kindly assist us
Kagisho Mabilo
A noteworthy concern from the Francis Baard district, MAGARENG. Would this programme coincide with the long standing AGRI-PARK which is yet to ensue. Lack of accountability results in these projects being white elephants at all our expense. The State must do better. MAGARENG FARMERS
from JTG khale re kopa die kopo ... but gadi arabiwe for dikampa monageng. Gasehunelo wyk2 ...... le tsela e rethusiwang kateng e bokowa .... ga Rena balemisi mogae
Earl Richards
Last input sir... Poultry Farming is an excellent opportunity that can greatly contribute to the NCape Economics and GDP. Especially Free Range Farming. Allow me to thank the Dept for creating these spaces to engage. learn and share. Markets is accessible and we can achieve more in collaboration/partnership. Our NPO Step Up Foundation in partnership with Siemens Gameza earlier completed a pilot home food garden projects (90 households) as part of our Covid Food security strategy and lessons learned was captured. We now wish to take 2/3 local farmers to the next level with Kangnas Wind Farm and Seda through funding and business mentorship. Thank you Minister Didiza - "we do walk the journey in taking our farmers to the next level."
Rooibos farmers - Nieuwoudtville
NAMAKWA DISTRICT NIEUWOUDTVILLE. JOHANNA WILCHUT: WE are a women group farming on commonage in Nieuwoudtville and leasing from municipality. we pay R150 000 per annum and with increase of 30-40% per year. We farm with Rooibos. Can the SHEP program assist with land for farming?
Carmen du plessis
Goeie dag dus Carmen du Plessis van Port Nolloth in Richtersveld en Ek wil graag weet oor toegang en befondsing tot die program siende dat baie veeboere nou lam gele is deur die droogte en na gewasse Kyk om te oorleef.
Good day. From Pescodia Emerging Farmers Association. We are currently facing challenges with the Sol Plaatjie municipality commonage. We have a certain individual who took the farmers monthly contributions to wards water payments and used it for himself, this money is way more than R50000. This individual is running the Communal land as his personal property. We requested the Municipality to assist. The Municipality send him a letter on 15th September 2020 to return the money or to vacate the Communal land. To date, the Municipality isn't taking responsibility in removing him as he is still doing as he please at the farm. We would like the MEC to look into this matter, as it individual is causing confusion and creating a hostile environment amongst the farmers.
Thabang Tsholo
Good day, is it possible that we do business with JICA directly to access SHEP as we have honestly lost hope with regards to the ability and accessing our extension officers from different parts of the province
Christo Smit
We are not sure if our question from Lemoendraai was properly heard and understood. To repeat, what happened to the agri Park concept as we were one of the Farmer Support units where different activities were earmarked. Activities like subsurface drainage that started but were never completed. This uncompleted drainage system pose a serious thread during flood situations and trenches that are very dangerous to people moving on the land
Davian Sass
I want to echo Earl Richards, Access to land remain a challenge in Namakwa. As a youth, moving from backyard farming to something more profitable is near impossible.
Christo Smit
From ZFM, farmers that wants to go forward, experience serious problems to get support for the purchase of land. Where can they start?
John Steenkamp
Good day Minister, MEC, HOD and honerable guests. I am Mr.John Steenkamp a livestock farmer in the Northern Cape.I am well pleased with the endeavours of our Government in order to assist our farmers . My suggestion would be for you as our leaders to engage with us farmers to put into place a market for the selling of meat and fresh produce. Why can we not utilize our expertize in our province to bring such about. I refer you to the fresh market place in Gauteng for instance called City Deep..i belief a similar fresh market place, for instance in our capital city, Kimberley could be the answer to many a problem of the farmers.The Shed program, however could be a very good vehicle in supporting us as framers, as long as all checks and balances are in place and are implemented properly..I thank you.
I'm letlhogonolo phetlhane based in Barkley West in the Northern cape province And founder of Morule Africa Farming Enterprise.I think the initiative it's profound and impactual to the live of farmers but as we are farming in communal land that are not reserved for agricultural practices and the land its the burning issue for us as young farmers as for most of the vacant land belongs to communal property associations,we are unresourced to put this program on actions,can the department just once convene our local municipalities for land audit and sharing for agricultural practices and the land remains the burning issue for us as young farmers as for most us as young farmers we not the beneficiaries of CPAs,Please assist as a young farmers with evidence of potential to emancipate the socio-economy we need the land not just want to advance and champion the ideal of farming
The last matter from Pescodia Emerging Farmers Association. There is a new housing development next to the Communal farm. Since September 2020, we requested the Municipality commonage to intervine as this poses a security threat and this new development, the community round don't have water and sanitation and rubbing collection. So this poses a problem also on our animals, as there are always plastic laying around the area. MEC please talk to the Municipality to assist us as farmers. We have written letters to them, but we not getting any joy from them. Thank you.
Good day. In Pixley Ka Seme we need immediate intervention for the Inland fishermen at Vanderkloof dam, we require assistance in terms of the inclusion of inland fishermen into the various Departmental programs and we hope we can be included in the SHEP program to be able to add value to our produce and obtain markets. LORENZO DAMSTER.
Roberta Burgess
That qualifications is the AVCASA certificate. that is a 1 year certificate and can be done on line. Information is available on the Crop life web site. The pesticides are registered per crop. This is governed via ACT 36.
Another question from John TaoloWe are currently practicing crop farming in our district but we are using old methods that we learned from our predecessors and as a result, production is very slow and inefficient.Does SHEP and the department be able to assist us such that we are able to learn current methodologies of crop production so that we can also compete on a bigger scale
Jf Basson
Good day and thanks for the program and assistance from government.Honorable MEC and Minister can the process of the Wet 9 been speed up and the land be transferred two the community and owners of the land which is the Pella community. We as small-scale farmers need land,water/boreholes/windpompe to farm sustainable and contribute to the local and regional economy. We also need this program and assistance from government to reach us in Khai Ma.Curently we are between 15 to 19 live stock farmers on a piece of land (6000 ha) with 2 boreholes serving over 100 cattle and over 900 small stock.
Jf Basson
jf from khai ma namaqwa
Tidimalo Tlhaloganyo
farmers want to ask questions
George Du Preez
Ministers intervention with the monopoly of markets especially on crop farming.Your Senwes,GWK etc are monopolizing the markets.Farmers can only sell to these big Coops.
IN Renosterberg we need land urgently we are over crowded in the commonage and we cannot grow us farmers and theft is very rife. and we also need water.
How will Animal producer be included into the SHEP program?
it's a follow up question, I produce wool and meat and I sell it overseas. how is this approach going to assist me to advance? Can the minister enforce local government to do their part in terms of providing water and electricity in communal land ? Dumisani from Noupoort
George Du Preez
We need another round of training for extention officers with regard to SHEP
Vongani Shivambu
Some of the questions that are not responded to in this platform, will be responded to outside of the meeting.
Vongani Shivambu
@George du Preez, more trainings for our Extension Practitioners will be organized after these webinars.
Malebogo Mocwiri
Martha from PEFA Frances Baardt Does the farmers on communal municipal land qualify for the Shep program. We also need training programs for up coming farmers in Crop Produce.
Tumelo Nage
L Adams Chiarperson of Eksteenskuil Agricultural cooparative, I would like to ask what are the strategies of SHEP programme to enhance financial inclusion for farmers, as we know to expand any agric enterprise you need finance whether it comes in a form of credit or goverment grant ?
Roberta Burgess
HOD the farmer from Ritchie can also contact me and I will assist with what is needed. I previously worked in the fruit industry...
George Du Preez
I want the Minister to intervene with the peacan industry that is robbing us from food security. In Vaalharts we have the 33000ha for irrigation crop farming and only 10% of this land are used for maize and wheat production and the rest are planted with pecans,please Minister your urgent intervention is needed.
Mooketsa Ramasodi
Relating to SA-GAP, food safety and quality assurance issues please contact Mr Mpho Sekgala - MphoS@dalrrd.gov.za and copy RamasodiM@dalrrd.gov.za
Tumelo Nage
Who is the extension officer in ZF mugcawu municipality how do we get in contact with him/her ?
Mooketsa Ramasodi
Relating to Agri-Parks please communicate with Mr Kgotso Moeketsi - PSSC Head Northern Cape - Kgotso.Moeketsi@dalrrd.gov.za and kindly copy Nasele.Mehlomakulu@dalrrd.gov.za
Ohentse Toto
In Kuruman we having a problem where supermarket do not want to consume our produces, eg PnP sell sub std and they are just refusing they getting from some white person.
Ohentse Toto
The spinach in PnP in Kuruman is a shame, store manager just refuse competition point blank by support their white people farmers
Vongani Shivambu
We should also look at opening our own vegetable market. Sell good quality and compete with PnP.