Current and Future Livestock Systems in Asia and Pacific - Gallery view
Akiko Nagano
150! thatā€™s great šŸ˜ƒ
Etienne Drieux
Dear participants, thank you for joining and welcome to this second webinar on current and future livestock systems in Asia and the Pacific. We will start in about 15 minutes, around 9 am (Rome time) !
takashi Osada
Liva Kaugure
Good morning, good afternoon, good evening participants! Welcome and thank you for joining!
Tekini Nakidakida
Good evening from Fiji
Liva Kaugure
Please feel free to share your comments reactions and questions in the chat box here!
Liva Kaugure
The moderator will capture these and address them during the Q&A session
Liva Kaugure
I would also remind you to keep your micraphones muted while our speakers present
Shoko Tatara
To Jess, the Zero Emission Acr sounds quite ambitious. Are farmers and other industry players comfortable with the reduction target?
Rafizah Mazlan
to Jess, what is New Zealand strategy to reduce dependency on import of animal feed ?
Jess Anderson
Thank you Shoko for your question. Yes, in general, the New Zealand agriculture sector is supportive of the targets, our farmers recognise that we all need to take action to reduce emissions. Also, as our agriculutre sector is very reliant on exporting, our farmers recognise the need to reduce emissions to remain competitive.
Jess Anderson
Thank you Doste Mard, I look forward to hearing from you.
Jess Anderson
Thank you Rafizah, as mentioned, most of our livestock is grazed on pasture all year around, with a reliance on feed when conditions are poor, e.g drought or flooding. We have not established a strategy for reducing dependency on the import of animal feed.
Rafizah Mazlan
Dear Jess, Thank you for your answer. Much appreciated.
Jess Anderson
If anyone missed my email address in the presentation, it is Jessica.Anderson@mpi.govt.nz - please feel free to get in touch regarding any of the aspects covered in my presentation.
Aladdin Luzon
Thanks a lot Jess Andersonā€¦
FAO, Aimable Uwizeye
Good morning all, please find here my email: aimable.uwizeye@fao.org in case you might have any question
Junko Nakai
Confinement as a solution for waste management is rather going down the road of CAFO, I think... What about combining crop agriculture and livestock raising so that the waste is put back in the nutrient cycle and the animals benefit from crop residues?
FAO, Aimable Uwizeye
Thank you Junko, yes CAFOs have a challenge to recycle available manure due to the high cost of transport and limited available lands. New design of livestock farms should consider the opportunity to recycle efficiently manure through the coupling of livestock-crop/grassland-energy production. The difficult is to transform the current large scale farms that are landless in several countries
Liva Kaugure
Dear participants, this is a kind reminder to type your questions, comments and reactions here in the chat box.
Junko Nakai
Thank you, Aimable. I saw confinement as a solution to waste management in Fiji, hence the question/comment. I understand that they do not have a full scale CAFO, so why go in that direction?
Aladdin Luzon
Thank you for these insightful presentations and chatroom interaction. I am heading off but I wish I could join in some future parts of the seriesā€¦
Yuriy Nesterov
Can we have the presentations shared after the meeting?
Liva Kaugure
Dear Yuriy, The session is recorded and a short report will be produced after the session that will include all the presentations, video and key messages. We will share it with the participants.
Yuriy Nesterov
Great! Thanks you.
Nomuhle Nyoni
Thank you.
Liva Kaugure
Dear Aladdin, thank you for joining! the next session will take place on 19 October it will focus on food systems. Further information will be shared in upcoming days.
Buddhisrilal Marambe
Absence of nucleus farms for breeding purposes, limited land available to be used as grasslands, and limited use of advanced technologies have constrained the improvement of the livestock sector in a country like Sri Lanka, which I represent. The limited space available in homegardens has helped crop-livestock integration with appropriate techniques bein used for manure management. Further, we still do not have emission data from our own livestock enterprises. The technology and information dissemination is the need, to support evidence-based policy making to improve livestock systems in the future.
Abdulrahman Mohammed
Jessica, what progress has been made in the production of methane vaccine and methane inhibitors?
Liva Kaugure
Dear participants, please raise your hand if you would like to take the floor to ask your questions or share your views and experience.
Liva Kaugure
Please also feel free to type your questions here in the chat box
Rafizah Mazlan
formulation for low protein diet supplemented with amino acids is for all types of ruminants? it is suitable for dairy animals?
Akiko Nagano
Jess what kind of methane inhibitors? natural or synthesized?
Jess Anderson
Hello Abdulrahman Mohammed, thanks for your question. Here is the link to the latest report from the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Research Centre, which contains more detail on the methane vaccines https://www.nzagrc.org.nz/page-2019,listing,604,nzagrc-highlights-2019.html
Liva Kaugure
Dear ParticipantsWe will prepare a short report of this session and share the recording with you all.
Liva Kaugure
The report recording of the 1st session entitled Monitoring Systems and Tools for Healthy Soils are available here:Recording: https://fao.zoom.us/rec/play/v5d8du_5qW83ToKQtwSDVvMqW466J62s2nIZqKJbzEzgAnELYVXyNeEba-rFeIS9nlrCfaS7wQyp-o65?startTime=1595586363000&_x_zm_rtaid=sQV-HlENTYmrmBYhfxr6vg.1596782881719.890858dd88b9862b10454b82fabe2d2b&_x_zm_rhtaid=567Report: http://www.fao.org/3/cb1244en/cb1244en.pdf
Jess Anderson
Hi Akiko - I think it is a combination of both natural and synthetic inhibitors
Liva Kaugure
The 3rd session entitled ā€œFood Systems Approach to Address Food Security and Socioeconomic Dimensions of Climate Changeā€ will take place on Monday 19 October at 13:00-14:30.Further information will be shared in upcoming days.
Liva Kaugure
Dear all, thank you for joining!
Buddhisrilal Marambe
Dear All, for some reading from Sri Lanka
Yuriy Nesterov
Thanks all! Very useful and interesting!
Liva Kaugure
Kudos to all speakers and moderator as well as team behind organizing this session
Martial Bernoux
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Buddhisrilal Marambe
Akiko Nagano
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